What Is Highlight?

Highlight is Burlington, Vermont’s New Year’s Eve celebration, produced by Signal Kitchen & Burlington City Arts. The festival brings Vermont’s leading artists, doers, and creators together to showcase our community’s creativity through lively festivities for all to enjoy! Hoping to make this year as accessible as possible, 2021 has two types of events:

  • In-person events on two outdoor stages in Burlington, Vermont, which will also be broadcast online
  • Virtual events that will be broadcast online only

There are two ticket types to help you pick the type of programming that works best for you. There is a virtual-only ticket and an all-access ticket. The virtual-only ticket grants access to all virtual events happening online. It does not grant access to the two outdoor stages. The all-access button grants entry to the in-person events as well as to all virtual events online.

For more information on ticketing, visit the ticketing page or email hello@highlight.community with questions. Learn more about the virtual platform for online events here.


What is the Bright Ideas Project?

Highlight’s events are designed and built by your friends and neighbors. Through the “Bright Ideas Project,” Highlight crowdsources ideas from Vermonters for all kinds of New Year’s Eve happenings. Through an open call for proposals, we grant funds and support to select ideas that come to life at Highlight.

Highlight’s Bright Ideas Project is proudly Powered By VSECU. VSECU is a member-owned cooperative and not for profit credit union for everybody who lives or works in Vermont, offering a full range of affordable financial products and services to its member-owners. VSECU is committed to improving the lives of Vermonters by empowering the possibilities for greater social, environmental, and financial prosperity.

Community Guidelines

Our Mission

Create a safe space for a global community to celebrate and support Vermont-grown performers with friends, family, and neighbors, both near and far.

Who are our community members?

Vermont is Highlight’s home, but our community reaches far and wide beyond Vermont’s borders. We welcome people from around the world to celebrate and be a part of our community.

What values does our community hold?

We expect all members of our community to support and celebrate:

  • Diversity
  • Creativity
  • Kindness
  • Open-mindedness
  • Respect
  • Safety

All community members must follow our community rules including: 

  • Helping other community members when needed
  • Showing respect to others at all times
  • Keeping an open mind about creative works
  • Celebrating our differences and similarities alike

We will NOT tolerate those who engage in interactions or content that may be: 

  • Inappropriately sexual or graphic
  • Dangerous, harmful, or unsafe
  • Hateful, violent, threatening, or harassing
  • Misleading or intending to spam or scam
  • Illegal in any way
  • Encroaching on the privacy of others
  • Unsafe for children