Waterfront Park10 College St

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As 2023 comes to a close, Northstar Fireworks, of East Montpelier, will once again light up the night sky over the Burlington waterfront. As a longstanding Burlington NYE tradition, Northstar Fireworks proudly presents “Wish Upon A Star,” a dazzling display of light and sound will grab your attention with a large volley of loud crackling and color-bursting effects that will be fired in a small grand finale style. The show will then continue into a beautiful series of effects and colors, choreographed to complement each other and every aspect of the display. Northstar will slowly build the show toward the grand finale, which will be full of various sizes, effects, sounds, and some of their largest and finest quality fireworks shells. This show will no undoubtedly ring in the New Year with a BANG!

Don’t go anywhere, because immediately after the fireworks Cirque de Fuego will be on hand to fan the flames with their fiery dance moves and continue the tradition of the Highlight Champ Burn.

Fireworks are presented by The Pomerleau Family Foundation