What Does “Hybrid” Mean?

A festival with in-person + virtual events means more accessibility

This year’s celebration will host three types of events: 1) virtual events that will be broadcast online; 2) in-person events that will take place outdoors in Burlington, Vermont; and 3) hybrid events with virtual & in-person components. Highlight’s hope is to cater to the comfort levels, preferences, and accessibility requirements of all attendees.

Similar to how Highlight presented a virtual-only experience in 2020 via the Run the World streaming platform, some performers in 2021 will be streaming performances from their homes and studios via the same platform. Unlike in 2021, Highlight will also be live-broadcasting from our two in-person stages in Burlington, presented together with other streaming content on the same virtual channel.

There are two ticket types to help you pick the type of programming that works best for you. There is a virtual-only ticket and an all-access ticket. The virtual-only ticket grants access to all virtual events happening online. It does not grant access to in-person events in the downtown Burlington venues. The all-access ticket grants entry to the in-person events as well as the virtual events online. For more information on ticketing, visit the ticketing page or email with questions.

Learn more about the virtual platform for online events here.