About the virtual festival grounds

Forget Zoom! Learn why we’re excited about going virtual.

Exciting technology allows us to make this New Year’s celebration a space where amateur creators and professional artists alike can bring their talents to the world! Highlight’s virtual platform is incredible for live-streaming performances, it’s trusted by some of the biggest brands and artists in the world, and it’s full of cool features! Connect with friends, watch performances and interact with performers, all in real time. Enjoy hundreds of channels live-streaming throughout the day. Infinite capacity + easy navigating means we all can enjoy endless art, music, and creativity!

Vermont performers and attendees [currently located in or outside of Vermont] can connect with fans, friends and family virtually. Now, a grandparent in California can attend their grandchild’s violin recital; you can share a secret family recipe with loved ones across the pond; friends and neighbors from around the world (and around the corner) can re-unite over homegrown Vermont art, music, comedy, and more.