Sponsor Highlight!

Your commitment will directly support Vermont performers.

We’re on a mission to use Highlight to do good for Vermont. As a fully-inclusive happening, Highlight aims to spark joy across the state and offer direct financial support to the diverse array of creative Vermont performers who are at its heart. 

Art has the power to unite, spark joy, and break down cultural barriers. We’re investing our resources into the local economy via the many performers, event producers, and community organizers involved. We believe that funding this community-bridging event will empower and instill confidence at a time when it’s needed the most.  

Our goal is to put financial resources directly in the hands of as many Vermont artists as we can. In order to do that, we’ve created a dynamic sponsorship system where anyone can directly support Highlight. Your commitment brings this treasured event to our community year after year while continuing to create even more impactful support for the local creative economy.

Let’s encourage the spirited innovation that makes Vermont so great; bring people together in the face of all obstacles; and keep our eyes on the bright future that lies ahead. Thank you!

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