Here is the full schedule of performances at Highlight! After you purchase a ticket, you can click on each block to transport directly to that stage while a performance is happening. Note that if you haven’t purchased a ticket, you will not be able to click the blocks and travel to the stage. If you do have a ticket, but if there is no performance happening at the current time, you will be transported to an empty stage. Buy your ticket now!

1:00PM Honey in The Hive1:00-1:4545min Aerialis1:00-1:4545min
1:15PM Penny deRosset1:15-1:4530min
1:30PM Couchsleepers 1:30-2:1545min cloud out loud1:30-2:1545min Tibetan Songs, Music and Dance1:30-2:1545min
1:45PM Pete's Posse1:45-2:4560min
2:00PM Yoga with Elysia 2:00-3:0060min Smirk-o-vision Best of: Highlights from the 2020 Virtual Season 2:00-3:0060min 2021 Cooking Tutorials2:00-2:3030min Definitely Dance2:00-3:0060min
2:30PM Family Friendly Improv w/ VT Comedy Club2:30-3:1545min Gold Shaw Farm2:30-3:1545min
3:00PM Bryan Blanchette3:00-3:4545min BCA Art Activity: Hanging Paper-Bead Sculpture3:00-3:4545min
3:15PM Mister Chris 3:15-4:0045min Amerykanka3:15-4:0045min Fancy 5-Ingredient New Year's Feast3:15-4:1560min
3:30PM The Bengsons 3:30-4:0030min Evan Jennison3:30-4:0030min
3:45PM Lulu Barr Brandt3:45-4:1530min
4:00PM Kat Wright & Brett Hughes4:00-4:4545min Circus Workshop4:00-5:0060min The Moth4:00-5:451hr 45min (15min Intermission) Charlie Schramm4:00-5:0060min Saragail Family Drum Circle4:00-5:0060min Front Porch Follies4:00-4:3030min Mikahely4:00-4:3030min   The Zeichner Trio4:00-4:4545min Reckonings: A Conversation with the Curators4:00-4:4545min
4:15PM Chris Titchner4:15-5:0045min Stace Brandt4:15-5:0045min
4:45PM AliT4:45-5:4560min Jeremy + Friends4:45-5:3045min DJ Llu4:45-5:4560min
5:00PM Magic Mann Cannibis Cooking5:00-6:0060min Rick Cusick5:00-6:0060min Hammydown5:00-5:3030min Helen Hummel5:00-5:3030min Troy Millette & the Fire Below (Family Table Set)5:00-6:0060min
5:15PM The Essential Ruth Stone Reading5:15-6:1560min
5:30PM Dan Blakeslee5:30-6:1545min
6:00PM New Year's Smirkin' Eve6:00-7:0060min OPEN CONCEPT TRIO LIVE! (Herb Leff, Brian Merrill, Emily Anderson)6:00-7:0060min Clever Girls6:00-7:0060min Julie Winn6:00-6:4545min
6:15PM Birdcode Duo6:15-7:0045min
6:30PM Eva Rawlings6:30-7:1545min Solo Guitar Explorations w/ Robby Roiter6:30-7:3060min Steve Hartmann6:30-7:3060min
6:45PM A Platform for Punk6:45-7:4560min Drone & Beatbox6:45-7:3045min
7:00PM Rock/ Puppet/ Scissors7:00-7:4545min Big Roads7:00-7:4545min Marcie Hernandez7:00-7:4545min Cole Davidson7:00-8:0060min
7:30PM Ruth Garbus 7:30-8:0030min Mindfulness / Meditation 7:30-8:3060min Soundscaping With Bryan Parmelee7:30-8:3060min PechaKucha Presentation #27:30-7:4515min
7:45PM Julia Rose7:45-8:4560min Mitchel Logan - Live7:45-8:1530min Adam Wolf7:45-8:1530min Bem Brasil7:45-8:4560min
8:00PM Fireworks! 7:55-8:1520min Madaila8:00-9:0060min
8:15PM Global Dance Party with Cumbancha8:15-9:1560min Peg Tassey8:15-8:4530min John Daly Band8:15-9:1560min
8:30PM Foreverinmotion8:30-9:1545min resonance8:30-9:0030min Rubblebucket & Friends: Virtual NYE House Party8:30-12:153hrs 45min PechaKucha Presentation #38:30-8:4515min Nectar's Presents: Zach Nugent's Pizza Tapes ft. Matt Shrag8:30-10:151hr 45min
8:45PM   merde!8:45-9:4560min
9:00PM Livestream Music Show9:00-10:0060min ALXO (silkiestquilt)9:00-9:4545min DJ Steal Wool9:00-10:0060min Ruby9:00-10:0060min   Big Heavy World's VERY Colorful Talk Show9:00-10:0060min
9:15PM Myra Flynn9:15-10:0045min  
9:30PM Pony Death Ride Musical Comedy!9:30-10:0030min Western Terrestrials9:30-10:3060min BETH HEAD9:30-10:1545min   PechaKucha Presentation #49:30-9:4515min
10:00PM Bow Thayer10:00-10:4545min Greaseface10:00-11:0060min Talk to Us Please10:00-11:0060min A Performance from Will Keeper10:00-10:3030min Henry Jamison10:00-10:4545min Sean Clute & Leif Hunneman: Impermanence10:00-10:4545min
10:15PM Burlington Taiko Solo Performance10:15-11:1560min
10:30PM Gestalt10:30-11:0030min Danny & The Parts10:30-11:3060min PechaKucha Presentation #510:30-10:4515min
10:45PM Pat Markley/Xander Naylor/Ethan Snyder Trio10:45-11:4560min Eric George10:45-11:1530min
11:00PM BTV 2 BRKLYN CREW11:00-11:4545min
11:15PM Pons11:15-12:0045min
11:30PM Move B*tch11:30-12:1545min
11:45PM Charlie Mayne11:45-12:3045min
12:00AM Fireworks! Replay11:55-12:1520min A Storm of Audible Light12:00-12:1515min