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*This event is hybrid with 1 in-person showing and 3 virtual showings. The in person showing is only available to All Access ticket holders. The virtual showings are open to all ticket holders. Visit the events page to filter events by virtual, in person, or hybrid.*


5:15pm In Person at The Lot @ 405 Pine Street

7:30pm, 8:30pm & 9:30pm virtual on Run The World

It’s the 11th hour for humanity and we stand on a threshold. We can never go back to the way things were. Now is a time for collective imagining – to conjure what we will relegate to the PAST to radically embody the PRESENT. To do this, we must gather six relics to construct a VOTIVE OF TRUTH. Who will lead us through the Queen City multiverse? What tools are needed to usher us into NEW VISIONS OF THE FUTURE? Do you accept your invitation to join this musical quest? 

X-VOTIVE is an immersive video performance set to the atmospheric music of Acqua Mossa. The cinematic experience follows a heroic Time Traveller on an extraordinary odyssey through the portals of Burlington. Arresting the audience by a surround of sound and light, participants will STAND in the “time chamber” to experience the show. Due to its multi-directional storyline, this aural adventure can be viewed multiple times for a multitude of narrative experiences. Audience members will enter the time chamber in rotational shifts, allowing for several loops of the film to be screened over the course of the evening. Presenting a distinct Burlington flavor, the film will feature a variety of Queen City locations and guest cameos of local artists and community members. Will we see you? 



  • Produced by In Tandem Arts & Acqua Mossa
  • Trish Denton – Producer / Director / Writer 
  • Stephanie Wilson – Main Character / Designer / Writer   
  • Myles Jewell – Director of Photography
  • Nico Osborne – Sound & Production Design 
  • Jason “Liggy” Liggett – Lighting Design  
  • Sage Horsey – Choreographer / Dancer 
  • Derek Rice – Keys & Vox 
  • Timothy Heaghney – Drums 
  • Shakir Stephen – Bass 
  • Katie Gilmartin – Performer / Production Assistant
  • Kenroy Walker – Performer / Production Assistant
  • Chris Tranten – Audio Engineer 
  • Haley Fenn – Jewelry Artist 



Conant Metal and Light, Sound Toys, Tick Tock Jewellers, Burlington City and Lake Semester, Close to Home, Cold Hollow Contracting, Metro Rock, Trattoria Delia, and Very Merry Theatre.


Trish Denton – Producer & Director

Trish Denton hails from the spaces in between Detroit and Flint, Michigan. The interdisciplinary artist creates original works for the stage, borrowing from magic realism and the oral storytelling tradition. She has trained with Ping Chong, Movement Theatre Studio, and master scenic designer Georgy Alexi-Meskhishvili. An alum of Dartmouth College, Trish was involved with Telling My Story, a project using theater and testimony in correctional and rehabilitation facilities. During that time, she was also part of the original team at JAG Productions, an award-winning Black theater company founded by Jarvis Antonio Greene. Trish is the director of In Tandem Arts, an organization that produces projects to fuse community, art, and education. Most recently, she produced and directed the socially-engaged spectacle Retro Spec. Trish is also a creative coach with Parallel Narratives and recently finished touring at the Art Director of Listen Up! 

Stephanie Wilson – Associate Producer & Lead Artist

Stephanie is a singer, songwriter, and theater-maker based in Burlington, Vermont. Over the years, she has enjoyed working alongside many Vermont based musicians, dancers, performers, photographers, and artists: a multidisciplinary artist she continually creates magic in art, dance and music. Stephanie has contributed songwriting and vocals on albums for respected musicians Barika,Loupo Snakefoot and Es-k. From 2009-2011 she was a company member of the ensemble theater company, Spielpalast Cabaret, which included a month-long run at the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe festival. Lately, her stage work has been with Snakefoot, composing music for the piece “Rosa Canina” by Sage Horsey and Co. Since 2013, Stephanie has been the front woman and co-songwriter of VT based bands Smooth Antics, Smalltalker, and Juptr. All 3 bands have sold out venues throughout New England and have performed at prominent Vermont festivals such as VT Jazz Festival, Grand Point North, Frendly Gathering, Waking Windows and Otis Mountain. Her latest album release is “Echo” with the band Juptr. During the pandemic, Stephanie served as Associate Producer and Lead Artist for In Tandem Arts production of Retro Spec, a social distanced theater spectacle that premiered via live stream projected onto a giant screen on the side of a historic, downtown building. 

Myles David Jewell  – Director of Photography 

Myles David Jewell is a freelance filmmaker and educator.  He runs Pennington Productions and works independently on both feature documentaries and narrative films.  With a dedication to practice and theory, he believes firmly in the ethics of representation and collaborative approaches to media. His scholarship focuses on the tension between fiction and non-fiction and is rooted in Ethnographic approaches to media and his practice fluctuates between minimal resource filmmaking and larger more technical productions. He teaches at the University of Vermont in both Community Development & Applied Economics as well as Film and Television Studies.  His pedagogy uses community as classroom, bringing students out of the classroom and involving them with work in the community. He practices filmmaking as community building, which stems from a history of working for a small cultural institution, The Vermont Folklife Center where he helped to build out the education program, Discovering Community, as a digital media instructor, media literacy advocate, and educational outreach consultant.  As a freelancer in the community, Myles has worked with many musicians including working on Higher Grounds 8-week run of the Pandemic time-capsule- The Comments Section, The Kat & Brett Holiday Fête 2020, Kat Wright Trio’s Camp Sessions, RETROSPEC and numerous music videos.  Myles earned a Master of Arts in Cinema Studies from New York University and an Advanced Certificate from The Program in Culture and Media

–> This Bright Ideas Project event was crowdsourced from Vermonters and generously Powered by VSECU

–> Presented by our friends at VSECU, Pomerleau Real Estate, The WaterWheel Foundation, Tito’s Handmade Vodka & Foam Brewers