Weight Lifting in Unitards

11:30pm - 12:00am Back to All Events

*This event is virtual with no in-person component. It is open to all ticket types. Visit the events page to filter events by virtual, in person, or hybrid.*

Get fit and salute the year gone by! Jaquelyn Rieke isn’t much for New Year’s hoopla, so she’s inviting likeminded folks to peel on some spandex, wield hand weights, rock some tunes, and maybe circle up in collective grief. No unitard? A brightly colored mumu may suffice, or just denim. Come prepared to this virtual event with a set of hand weights, ideally less than three pounds each, and an abundant plate of your favorite tasty snack foods.

–> This Bright Ideas Project event was crowdsourced from Vermonters and generously Powered by VSECU

–> Presented by our friends at Vermont Arts Council (with funds from the state of Vermont) & VSECU