The Moth

Waterfront Park6 College Street

6:30pm - 7:30pm Back to All Events

*This event is hybrid, meaning you can enjoy it in-person and/or virtually. In-person is open only for attendees with all-access buttons. Virtual is open for all ticket types. Visit the events page to filter events by virtual, in person, or hybrid.*

To say goodbye to 2021 and welcome 2022, The Moth presents the stories you’ve waited all year to hear, outdoors in Waterfront Park! Ten community members are selected at random to tell a true, first-person, live story. The winner of the evening has an opportunity to participate in a Moth Grand Slam.

Prepare a five-minute story about how it all started. Step one, day one, birth or rebirth. Initiations and inaugurations. A new leaf or lease on life. A puppy, parole, or makeover so magical your own mama don’t know you! Cleaning house, pulling up roots, a fresh coat of paint, blank sheets, clean slates … today is a new day!

Disclaimer: The Moth has no age minimum, though some of the tellers share raw and explicit stories that may contain profanity that are very much meant for an audience aged 16+.

–> Presented by our friends at Leunig’s, Pomerleau Real Estate, The WaterWheel Foundation & Hello Burlington