The CyberZoo

Main Street Landing: Courtyard124 Battery Street

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Explore an interactive wonderland of illuminated, cybertronic creatures in a secret garden grove. Featuring the work of six artists from Burlington’s Generator makerspace, this installation brings to life a dream-like menagerie, with soundscapes from a giant ghost-whale, augmented reality flora, glowing flocks of birds, insect swarms, and pulsing blooms of jellyfish.


  • Jake Blend
    • Jake is the prototype lead at Generator Makerspace and a professor at UVM. He is in the rare position to help take wild ideas into the realm of real.
  • Chris Thompson
    • Chris Thompson’s work is inspired by data, data-visualization, algorithms, complex ecological systems, and neuroscience and has been featured in exhibitions, publications and lectures. In addition to his work as an artist he has staged over 100 exhibitions as curator of the BCA Center and the Champlain College Art Gallery. Chris is also a founding board member and former Director of Burlington’s Generator makerspace.
  • Alex Costantino
    • Alex Costantino is an art educator and artist working across various media, including ceramics, painting, and digital sculptural practices. He holds a BFA in printmaking from Kansas City Art Institute and an MFA from the University of South Florida in Studio Art. In addition to creating art, he teaches art at Saint Albans City School.
  • Kristian Brevik
    • Kristian works in art and in science – generally about the ways interactions shape species, often about the interactions between humans and other-than-humans. Kristian studied art, evolutionary biology, and ecology at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, weaving science and sculpture together to understand how species shape each other, focusing on the symbiosis of domestication. He currently studies insect evolution and ecology at the University of Vermont, and writes on the relationships of humans to others in the community of life. He received a Connecticut Sea Grant Arts Grant in 2018 for an installation on the effects of fishing gear entanglements on the North Atlantic Right Whale, and a Vermont Arts Council Grant in 2019.
  • Leif Hunneman
    • Leif  Hunneman is an artist/technician/maker from Burlington, Vermont working in interactive video, sound, and physical computing.
  • Jody Brown 
    • Jody is primarily interested in environmental design and sculpture. She makes small scale steel sculptures and multi-media models for larger scale work. Currently she is working on collaborative installations using reflective materials and dynamic lighting. Jody attended Boston University School of Fine Arts and Massachusetts College of Art, earning her BFA in printmaking. She co-owned and operated The Drawing Board in Montpelier, VT for thirty-five years. She is accomplished in business management, picture framing design and production, art preservation and art materials service. Currently, she is affiliated with Generator and the Illumination Collective in Burlington. She serves on the board of  Studio Place Arts in Barre, VT.

Must be 21+ for entry after 10PM. If you’re under 21 and arrive before 10PM, you may stay, but no re-entry will be possible.

–> This Bright Ideas Project event was crowdsourced from Vermonters and generously powered by VSECU

—> With support from our friends at OnLogic and Main Street Landing.