Tectonic Industries: Dreams Can Come True

BCA Center135 Church Street

2:00pm - 5:00pm Back to All Events

Tectonic Industries is a collaborative art partnership based in Portland, Maine, comprised of Danish artist, Lars Boye Jerlach, and British artist, Helen Stringfellow. Through sculpture, wall mounted instructional videos, physical surveys, and interactive activities that engage visitors, Tectonic Industries examine the artifice inherent within the creation of the modern myths and belief systems in popular culture. In Dreams Can Come True, the artists present a series of self-help questionnaires that look to address and solve visitor’s most pressing problems and thus help them to begin living the “life of their dreams.” Guided by a series of instructions, visitors navigate the installation in search of self-actualization which can be manifested in an interactive model they can build/leave in the gallery. Interactive and engaging, while balancing wry amusement with philosophical reflection, Dreams Can Come True, explores the impossibility of our collective, endless search for concrete answers and endeavor for self-improvement. 

Inspired by the exhibition, kids and families are invited to make a paper model of a vehicle that represents your personality and dreams. Explore a variety of materials to embellish your vehicle to express your wishes for the New Year!