Tarot Taxi

Foam Brewers112 Lake Street

3:00pm - 9:00pm Back to All Events

Tarot Taxi is a ride, a show, and a journey to…somewhere. The cab arrives with a neon sign hanging in the window: “The future is now,” it reads. Get in, and allow this one-of-a-kind mobile theater experience to take you to new places. Brought to you by Future Tactics, Tarot Taxi takes place over three acts in a one-on-one immersive experience. The performance breaks down presumed audience/performer constructs and becomes a game in which the lines between what is fiction and what is scripted disappears. Participants need to register ahead of time at www.thefuturetactics.com/taxi, so claim your cab today!  1-3 people per experience. Ages 16+ preferred.

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–> This Bright Ideas Project event was crowdsourced from Vermonters and generously Powered by VSECU