Sambatucada! Brings Brazil to Burlington

Warm up the new year Brazilian style! Burlington’s own Sambatucada! will be hosting workshops on the electrifying drumming and dancing tradition of Samba and Samba Reggae.

Learn to make music [2:00pm-2:45pm]

A drumming workshop led by Bruce McKenzie will get participants playing in an orchestra of percussion, Rio style. Samba baterias (Samba Bands) can range in size from a handful of musicians to a street filled to the brim with hundreds of drummers. When it comes to Samba the more the merrier. The bateria is comprised of different drums, bells, shakers, and much more, all playing their unique rhythm to combine into a larger, more complex whole. Band leader Bruce McKenzie will teach beginners and experts alike about the particular rhythms of Brazil and how to fold them together into the infectious Samba sound.

Learn to Dance [2:45pm-3:15pm]

What is music without dance? Not as exciting. That is why we are excited to have the wonderful Carla Kevorkian, a veteran dance instructor of many Latin styles, join us this new years eve to ensure no good Samba music goes undanced. From the fierce movements of tradition Rio Samba dance to the swaggering fusion styles of Samba Reggae, Carla will teach you all you need to know about how to hit the dance floor.

Just have fun [3:15pm-4:00pm]

But wait! The party is just getting started. We’ve got more music and dancing for you as Burlington’s own Sambatucada! plays a full set of different Samba styles from around Brazil. So come learn, dance, and listen as we catapult into the New Year.

You can also catch Sambatucada! leading our Highlight Parade at 5:30 pm on Church Street. Don’t miss this great tradition!

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