Safe & Sound [Live]

Contois AuditoriumCity Hall, 149 Church Street

2:00pm - 5:30pm Back to All Events

Every album, every song, every chord has a story inside it. Just like Safe & Sound, the radio show created to connect Vermont musicians and audiences during the pandemic, this event brings you compelling music from all corners of Vermont, and explores the stories behind the songs. And now, teaming up with Highlight is a way to gather together again slowly/safely for live music and to ring in the new year! Find out what inspires Vermont artists, ideas behind the music and upcoming collaborations and performances. But at Highlight, it’s live on stage! Join host Mary Engisch and 6 artists including folk-grunge influenced Lily Seabird; hip hop and R&B artist Charlie Mayne; Tibetan singer, songwriter, and musician Migmar Tsering; 13-year old singer/songwriter Charlie Schramm; alternative/indie pop singer/songwriter AliT; and singer/songwriter/music educator Emma Cook. Want to know something cool? All the artists featured are participants of Highlight’s Bright Ideas Project!