Marcie Hernandez

ECHO Center: Main Stage1 College Street

6:00pm - 7:00pm Back to All Events

Marcie Hernandez’s music lives in cultural dualities. Born to Puerto Rican parents & raised in Rochester, NY, Marcie is a singer-songwriter with a sound that combines Latin rhythms & instrumentation with the feel & lyrical vulnerability of indie folk music. Each of her songs is a snapshot of her life, telling stories of love & loss, growth & transformation. Supported by a full band, Marcie’s songs achieve a dynamic and full sound that carries listeners through a wide range of emotions, much like her debut album, Amanecer. Each band member adds their own personal flavor, creating a melting pot of musical influences. Songs explore the cultural dualities often present in this music, with some songs holding a heavy indie-rock feel, while others may sound more like a traditional salsa tune.



Instagram: @marciemusica