Freeway Clyde

ECHO Center: Main Stage1 College Street

7:30pm - 9:00pm Back to All Events

Michael Chorney’s Freeway Clyde project focuses on a new creative avenue: instrumental psych-rock film scores for non-existent movies. The repertoire of new compositions veers from lush, romantic themes to improvisations in the far reaches of the sonic universe, often in the same piece.

Freeway Clyde is:

  • Michael Chorney – electric guitar
  • Jeremy Fredrick – drums
  • Taylor Haskins – trumpet, electronic valve instrument
  • Zack Dupont – electric guitar
  • Robinson Morse – bass
  • Matt Larocca – electric viola

Michael Chorney is a self-taught composer, guitarist, saxophonist, producer, sideman, and bandleader. He has lived and worked in Vermont for more than thirty years. His solo work and output with groups such as Hollar General, viperHouse, the MC6, and Orchid reflect the many different aspects of his writing. As an arranger, he worked most prominently on Hadestown, in collaboration with Anais Mitchell, with whom he has done many tours. As a producer, he has worked with myriad artists on more than 40 recordings. In 2019, he and collaborator Todd Sickafoose were awarded a Tony for best orchestrations.