Acoustic New Year

College St Congregational Church256 College Street

2:00pm - 5:50pm Back to All Events

The College Street Congregational Church comes alive during Highlight with acoustic-based performances. We’re presenting a diverse lineup including acapella, classical, and gospel. This is an all ages event.

Performers include:

The Burlingtones

Since 2006, the Burlingtones have been bringing acapella music to Burlington High School and the greater Burlington community. Our group, comprised of students from each grade, works together to arrange and perform music from a range of styles. We are so happy to be a part of Burlington’s New Year’s Eve Highlight celebration, as sharing music with the community is what we love most. Happy New Year!

Beulah Land

The Beulah Land Jubilee Gospel Quartet sings acapella songs written from 1840-1940, such as the lyrical notes of I Come to the Garden, the Appalachian feel of Farther Along, and O Come Angel Band, and jazzier barbershop songs like Just a Little Talk with Jesus, a favorite of Elvis’. Mark Williams (tenor) grew up with this music (written in 7 shapes: doh re mi fa sol la ti), and formed the quartet in 2016. Kerry Cullinan’s parents and grandparents sang this music in Illinois, Shay Gestal (soprano) shares this Appalachian music’s background with her bluegrass fiddling. Anna Thelemarck (alto) and Connie Des Marais (soprano) are newer to this music. Their enthusiasm for this music will bubble over with the first Highlight NYE celebration.

Quartet d’Arco

Quartet d’Arco consists of Sofia Hirsch, Brooke Quiggins and Laura Markowitz on violin/viola and John Dunlop on cello. By day you may find them rehearsing with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra. By night they moonlight with various and assorted groups such as Turn Music and Northern Third, or provide ambient strings to Cricket Blue and Deb Flanders/Pete Sutherland. At Highlight, they’ll pay homage to the soulful folk-inspired music of the Danish String Quartet.