The Illuminated Waterfront

Through the bitter cold of Vermont winters, people gather in the warmth of community. In contrast to the freezing darkness, light becomes more special. The Burlington-based Illumination Collective artist group brings video projection mapping, ambient lighting, and other lighting techniques and illusions to ECHO Aquarium and the Burlington Waterfront in a beautiful, safe, and family friendly interactive experience that dazzles the senses.

Exhibiting artists comprising the Illumination Collective include Jane Adams, Jake Blend, Kristian Brevik, Jody Brown, Alexander Costantino, Leisa Fearing, Ken Howell, Clay Mohr, George Philbrick, Terry Sehr, and Alex Toulan. Many thanks to John Boquet, project manager, and Richard Stock, graphic designer.

Events may hit capacity, so please arrive early! This event is sponsored by:

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