What Is Highlight?

Signal Kitchen & Burlington City Arts have teamed up to reimagine Burlington’s citywide New Year’s Eve celebration. Highlight builds upon First Night’s 35-year legacy by introducing a new series of proposal-driven, community-produced events and creative happenings that will expand across Burlington’s Waterfront, South End, Old North End and Downtown Corridor.

Highlight will guide event-goers through a series of authentic and exciting experiences; A larger-than-life community parade, hands-on creative activities, and family-fun daytime activities will meet cutting edge art installations, diverse cultural events, curated music performances, workshops, storytelling sessions, and much more.

We envision Vermont’s leading businesses, creative thinkers, doers, entrepreneurs, artists, and organizers coming together to create awesome, purposeful, and fun events and happenings across the city. Together, we will build an annual tradition that brings joy and highlights the true spirit of Burlington!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please reach out to us at hello@highlight.community.

Parking & Transport

Highlight is working with Farrell Distributing and Green Mountain Transit to provide free shuttle busses from our two central parking locations to venues across town.

Highlight Safe Ride Shuttle Bus

All of our citywide Highlight venues are accessible via our Highlight Safe Ride Shuttle Bus system. Working with GMT, we have an East-West route and a North-South Route. Both routes meet on Main Street at City Hall Park. Here you can pop off one warm bus and onto another. Shuttles run from 1:00pm to 12:00am.

Remote Parking

From the East and I-89: Park at the UVM Gutterson Parking Lot. Rendezvous at the Highlight Bus Stop sign and a GMT Shuttle will pick you up, bringing you Downtown via Main Street, stopping at Memorial Auditorium, City Hall Park Interchange (where you can switch to the North-South route if desired) and the Waterfront.

From the South: Park in the South End and meet at the Highlight Bus Stop sign at Dealer.com parking lot. Here a GMT Shuttle will pick up you up, bringing you up Pine St, into the downtown via Main St, stop at our at the City Hall Park interchange and then out to the Old North End via Elmwood Avenue.

Park Downtown

All City garages will be accessible and open!